Seoul Foods Arisun Mix n Match Couple Dinner Set


Mix and Match your own Seoul Foods Mr Hotdog x Arisun Couple Meal Set for a discounted price!

Create your own dinner set with a choice of Full sized entree, main and rice from Mr Hotdog and Arisun!

Entrees choose from: Mr Hotdog Original, Mr Hotdog Cheese, Mr Hotdog Cheese & Sausage, Mr Hotdog Potato Coating

Mains choose from: Arisun Soy Fried Chicken, Arisun Cheesy Fried Chicken, Arisun Spicy Fried Chicken

Rice choose from: Arisun Soy Potato Noodles, Arisun Black Bean Noodles, Arisun 48hr Beef Bone Soup

*Refrigerated item - only delivering to certain areas, please check here


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