Thai Kee

JiaDuoBao Herbal Tea Drink 6X310ML CAN

A classic and healthy botanical beverage made using the recipe of the original Chinese herbal tea dating from the Qing Dynasty!
Thai Kee

Kkotsam Hibiscus & Grapefruit Syrup 350g

A beautiful blend of hibiscus and grapefruit makes for the perfect syrup to mix in teas or any drink! This popular Korean syrup is balanced in taste with a fragrant flavour. Also available in Chrysanthemum &...
Thai Kee

VITA Ceylon Lemon Tea Drink 6X250ML PACK

Lemon Flavour Vita Ceylon tea offers the perfect balance between lemon and tea.
Thai Kee

Matcha Matcha Shizuoka Sencha Tea 32g

Shizuoka Sencha Tea Bags (4g x 8pcs) We have doubled the standard 2g tea bags to make the flavour, aroma and colour stronger and enables you to refill! Shizuoka is our hometown famous for Japanese...
Thai Kee

Ultra Teh Kotak Jasmine Tea Drink 6x300ML PACK

Enjoy the classic taste of Jasmine tea anytime and anywhere.
Thai Kee

Chatramue No 1 Thai Tea 400G

Original Thai Tea Mix from Thailand. This Number One Brand Thai Tea mix is used for making delicious Thai Iced Tea also known as "Cha Yen" since 1945.
Thai Kee

Heaven Dragon Jasmine Tea Tin 170G

Premium, high-quality restaurant standard jasmine tea — A must-have for any discerning tea lover.
Jim's Malaysia

Jim's Malaysia Teh Tarik 600g

Jim's Malaysia is an Authentic Malaysian hawker street food chain headed by renowned Chef Jim Yong, with over 30 years of cooking experience and passion for authentic Malaysian food.  Teh Tarik, literally translated to 'pulled...
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Thai Kee

Sugi Bee Garden Yuzu and Honey 300g

Sugi Bee Garden’s Yuzu Honey is a Japanese bestselling product, containing citric acid which is rich, nutritious and helps recovery from fatigue, refreshes the body and tastes deliciousUse as a refreshing drink by diluting the...
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Thai Kee

Haitai Artisee Korean Earl Grey Tea Latte 500ml

Artisee Café is a premium and famous Korean deli, café and patisserie renowned for their artisanal coffee and tea blends! Their drinks are now available bottled up in collaboration with Sunkist, in Arabica Coffee and...
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Thai Kee

USA Arizona Tea Green Tea with Ginseng Honey 680ML

Arizona Iced Tea is a 100% natural range that packs a flavour punch. Perfect refresher for a warm day or combine it with your favourite spirit for your very own long island iced tea.

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