Calling out to new food & beverage brands in the community!

How did you spend your lockdown - did you create a hype new product that would look great on our physical and virtual shelves?⁠

We're calling out to all the foodie hustlers and independent brands who want to collaborate! It's no secret that COVID19 has affected our hospitality industry, so we're constantly looking to carry, support and collaborate with brands from the community to service our customers.

From frozen DIY dishes, unique sauces to cute desserts, team TK love and support independent and local, so if you have a great product you think we NEED to know about, we'd love to hear from you!⁠

We’d love to promote your product on our social and digital platforms, sell the product in our supermarket, online store, and also help you develop and grow your offering too.

Email us with your product introduction and photos at!

*Products must all have compliant nutritional value & pass approval by our supermarket.